About Alex

Owner: Ruff Life Dog Training

I have found my passion in life working with dogs. Ensuring every dog has a great life is my number one drive and motivation when training. I am currently obtaining my Masters in Human Canine Life Science with Bergin College of Canine Studies.  With over 6 years of experience handling dogs and 2 years training dogs professionally in Houston, I decided to take the leap and fulfill my dream of owning my own dog training business.

I am dedicated to the proper social development of dogs and the enlightenment of owners. Ruff Lifes' goal is to keep as many dogs from being unnecessarily abandoned and/or euthanized. How? By teaching the dog and the owner to communicate effectively. Through obedience and behavior modification techniques, you can build daily routines and habits for your pups that will shape the way that they see and interact with the human world around them. With proper training you, as an owner, will have a better handle on your dog’s behavior. This will allow you the freedom to enjoy a more balanced and harmonious life with your forever friend.